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Innovation Hub

A unique ecosystem to accelerate innovative projects
Innovation Hub
We believe we should contribute to the creation of the next generation of biotech companies by providing entrepreneurs and innovative life-sciences startups with the space and resources they need to test out, challenge, and nurture early ideas.

The SEQENS’Lab is therefore aiming at creating a fertile environment by : 

  • Fostering a collaborative atmosphere that allows thought-sharing and creative exchange
  • Offering best-in-class infrastructure to enable the unfettered practice of science
  • Promoting cost efficiencies through sharing of many services such as permitting, purchasing, maintenance, IT, and security
  • Anticipating needs for entrepreneurs in order to provide the smoothest possible path to growth
  • Creating an innovation ecosystem that fosters collegial interactions among industry, investors, government, and academia

An ecosystem of start-ups incubation

The development of this Ecosystem is truly contributing to creating an attractive and modern space, a reference point and a showcase for our customers by gathering in one place multidisciplinary teams with the skills needed to complete their projects.

In addition to hosting strategic partners (GenEvolutioN, Harmonic Pharma, Cromaoak) and the Hit Cat Center which are providing complementary services for Drug Substance development, the SEQENS’Lab offers shared lab space for lease for life science, biotech and Medtech startups right next to Paris providing fully equipped laboratories, coworking offices, and a range of services and amenities.

The SEQENS’Lab provides month to month, fully functional lab space, permits, waste handling, plus all reasonably common lab equipment for bioresearch and development. Access to conference rooms, event space, and kitchens is also included. In addition, the SEQENS’Lab hosts a large amount of programming specific to the interests of life-sciences startups.

An opportunity to enter an industrial and regulated environment

The SEQENS’Lab provides all reasonably common lab equipment for bioresearch, including:


  • Chemical hoods and BSL-2 facilities with all utilities (deionized water, vacuum, gas supply)
  • Large storage facilities with regulated conditions (temperature and humidity)
  • Analytical testing equipment (chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy)

Together with the central infrastructure, the SEQENS’Lab offers a comprehensive set of inclusive services with the leasing of lab space:

  • Health, Safety and Environment training and compliance for all lab users
  • Maintenance of equipment and technical support
  • IT infrastructure and solutions
  • Cleaning and waste removal
  • Procurement and supply of chemical materials and consumables

In addition, the SEQENS’Lab provides to the partners hosted on site all the scientific expertise through scientific services including:

  • Chemical route scouting and chemical process development including crystallization optimisation
  • Process Safety assessment
  • Solid State Characterization and form screening
  • Pre-formulation for bioavailability enhancement solution including particle engineering, amorphous solid dispersion and prodrug development.
  • Analytical development and testing
  • Production capacities for pre-clinical and clinical studies

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Cromaoak is Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization dedicated to purification by liquid chromatography from lab to industrial scale.

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GenEvolutioN - Toxicology


Our partner GenEvolutioN is an expert spin off, dedicated to in vitro genetic toxicology and toxicology expertise using new Human cell models. GenEvolutioN is in line with the evolution of biological and technological progress.

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Harmonic Pharma

Harmonic Pharma

Computational predictive toxicology and mechanism of action investigation
Harmonic Pharma has developed computational solutions that combine computational predictive toxicology and mechanism of action investigation.

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Hit Cat

Hit Cat

The Hit Cat Center (High-Throughput Catalysis) is a CNRS LabCom located within the Seqens’Lab that gather and combine in a unique lab

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