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R&D Facilities


SEQENS has longstanding experience in up-scaling and custom manufacturing of chemicals for various industries (fine chemicals, lubricants, agrochemicals, F&F, Personal Care.
We offer our expertise, industrial know-how and flexible facilities to expand your production capabilities, should it be occasional or on the longer term.

SEQENS teams closely collaborate with customers to address their needs and requirements, and to help tackling the challenges they face accross the development phases.

Scientists and state-of-the-art lab equipment located in our R&D centers allow us to support customer innovation within contract research projects.

Our R&D Offer

  • Highly experienced scientists
  • Several high efficiency distillation columns in a purpose-built extracted Distillation Room
  • Buchi pressure reactor, suitable for reactions including hydrogenations and methyl chloride chemistry
  • Simulation, using Chemcad to evaluate the scale up of these processes from batch to continuous operation
  • Our scientists work closely with Process Development Engineers and Operations to efficiently and safely implement new processes on our plants. We have an excellent track record in scaling up R&D processes to the main plant units

Process Safety

  • DSC/TGA for rapid assessment of reaction chemistry hazards and thermochemistry
  • Reaction calorimeters (RC1, Algochem automated reactor)
  • Adiabatic calorimeter (Phi-TEC)

Analytical Capabilities

  • Chromatography: NMR, UPLC, HPLC, UHPLC, GC, GCMS, Ion Chromatography
  • Spectroscopy: FTIR, UV/Vis
  • Spectrometry: AAS, Flame Photometry
  • General: Melting Point, Density, Viscosity, COD, Colour, Involatiles Determination, Flash Point and Boiling Range
  • Solid state characterization: XRPD characterization and testing, Particle size determination, Morphological analysis, Microscopy

Pilot Scale Laboratories

SEQENS R&D and process development teams provide support and expertise from lab to commercial scale operations (including production of validation quantities under strict conditions), relying on our versatile pilot unit with dedicated lab and scale-up workshop.

Our approach here at Seqens focuses on sound analysis and consultation at each stage of the project
Stage I – Understanding customer needs
  • Target molecule
  • Target price
  • Specifications
  • Timing
Stage II – R&D Study
  • Feasibility study
  • Cost estimate and ball park proposal
  • Process development
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Safety study
  • Synthesis [10-500 g]
  • Sample submitted to customer for approval
Stage III – Scale Up
  • Process and analytical optimization
  • Kilo Lab [1-5 kg]
  • Pilot [10-200 kg] /Trial campaign
  • Final costing – binding offer
Stage IV – Industrialization
  • Process and analytical validation
  • Supply-chain optimization

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