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Cromaoak is Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization dedicated to purification by liquid chromatography from lab to industrial scale.

Cromaoak expertise

Cromaoak has expertise in intensification of chromatography purification for preparative and industrial applications by taking existing processes and bringing them to the next level to make chromatography better, faster, and cheaper. And to make it available where it was not even considered before.

Cromaoak is using the Inexiotech patented technology that drastically improves the performances of process chromatography by increasing the productivity and yield while reducing the solvent consumption. The performance of the purification can be improved by a factor of 2 to 5 compared to conventional chromatography.


Inexiotech is a patented method of conducting chromatography by increasing the injection frequency on a chromatography column without losing resolution. It is a 2-step process that is performed on the same column. 

In batch or stacking chromatography, the separation system (stationary phase/media and mobile phase/eluant) is vastly underutilized during the run: at any point in time during the run, portions of the separation system do either no separation at all (eluant travelling through media with no product) or resolved impurities amongst themselves which brings no benefit as these impurities will be discarded. That is the main reason for conventional chromatography high cost and poor productivity.

With Inexiotech, injections are much more frequent and therefore the utilization of the separation system is maximized, without deteriorating the resolution. Even if that requires a 2-step process, the performance gains overall are substantial. 

Inexiotech patented technology can be implemented on existing or new industrial purification processes and no changes are required to the media, solvent or equipment used. Inexiotech works on these types of industrial preparative chromatography:

  • HPLC (normal phase / reverse phase)
  • SEC
  • Affinity
  • Mixed mode
  • SFC
  • Gradient and isocratic modes

Inexiotech patented technology may also work with IEX, CPC and for polishing downstream an SMB.

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