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Phenol and Specialties

SEQENS is a leading supplier of Phenol specialties and Acetone

We have adopted a market-oriented business approach in order to facilitate closer relationships with our customers, who include many of the world’s largest companies in their respective industries. This proximity with our customers, combined with strong engineering capabilities and our innovation culture enables us to always develop new opportunities and create value for our customers.

Key end-markets include cosmetics and fragrances, pharmaceutical and healthcare, environment, food, flavor, automotive, construction and chemical intermediates.


A very versatile chemical intermediate, used in a diversified range of applications, from Agrochemicals to Fragrancy; in the Pharmaceutical market, ACPH is a base intermediate to the production of decongestants and other important APIs. 


Alpha-methylstyrene (AMS) is a colourless liquid used as a co-monomer in a range of polymerization processes to improve impact and heat resistance.

The primary use of AMS is in acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)resin but it is also used in adhesives, tackifying resins, printing inks, fragrancies.


Chemical intermediate in the process Cumene-Phenol, mainly used as a polymer initiator in the preparation of Polyester or Polyacrylic resins; it is also being used as an oxidizing intermediate in Pharmaceutical applications.


Simple aromatic hydrocarbon associating low toxicity to its great solvency properties; mostly used in the Agrochemical, PVC and specialty coatings.

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