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Metal Protection


SEQENS is a specialist in the production of calcium sulfonate. We developed a wide range of anticorrosion additives for temporary to long-term metal protection.

Choose our unique solutions and improve your product performance

SEQENS offers a unique range of corrosion & rust prevention additives based on calcium sulfonates chemistry. Thanks to our deep production experience, we are able to manufacture products with extensive combination of features to best fit customer needs.

Withstand your short- and long-term protection issues during storage, transportation and in final-use thanks to ARCOT® neutral and overbased calcium sulfonates.

SEQENS is constantly looking to improve its lubricant additives. Improvements can come from HSE requirements, supply chain reliability as well as search of performances. 

ARCOT additives have different structures, neutral or overbased calcium sulfonates and can be solvent-based, mineral-based or water-based depending on the customers’ requirements of formulation in term of protection time, demulsification or film type. 

Solvent-based ARCOT, such as ARCOT 610HV or ARCOT 609, have flash point below 60°C and are considered as flammable with the GHS02 associated labeling. Thus, SEQENS decided to work on a non-flammable alternative.

By using a higher flash point solvent, SEQENS can propose a safer alternative with similar performances to its customers, ARCOT CS 203. With a flash point above 70°C, ARCOT CS 203 is a solvent based polar overbased calcium sulfonate additive for the formulation of a wide range of film forming anticorrosion protection. It is compatible with most hydrocarbons, solvents, mineral oils, waxes, petrolatums and resins. ARCOT CS 203 is used for rust preventive applications such as protection products for ballast tank, industrial gears and other devices as well as automotive undercoating and cavity protection. 

Mineral-based ARCOT, such as ARCOT 626F or ARCOT 645, are designed with group I base stocks. The economic viability and supply reliability of Group I base stocks has been compromised by new specifications requirements in term of Sulphur content in marine fuels, reducing exhaust emissions and fuel economy for engine oils formulations. Meanwhile, high quality Group II and Group III are widely available on the market.

In medium term, Group I supply will not be able to satisfy demand in mainstream markets such as marine, metalworking fluids and other large industrial applications.

Anticipating supply issues of Group I base stocks, SEQENS Advanced Specialties developed ARCOT additives based on highly refined base stocks. ARCOT NH 302 is the first neutral calcium sulfonate of its generation, displaying enhanced rust preventive performances. ARCOT NH 302 is used in industrial applications as a barium replacement where excellent rust protection and water resistance is required. ARCOT NH 302 is a rust inhibitor additive highly recommended for formulation short-term protection rust preventive fluids.  It can also be used for metalworking fluids, hydraulic oils, slideway oils and greases formulations. 

Further work has also been conducted to get non-labeled ARCOT additives keeping similar anticorrosion performances and to extend ARCOT range with rust preventive packages.

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Benefit from our R&D support to fine-tune formulations

Relying on our centralized R&D center, we boost our clients’ custom developments. Our know-how gives our customers the opportunity to formulate innovative products matching market needs. We successfully address the challenges of our industry thanks to our dedicated facilities, our highly qualified employees, and our newest technologies.

Our dedicated R&D team has gained a renowned expertise in the formulation of calcium sulfonates in different carriers, while years of successful developments deepen our application-oriented knowledge. We can help you optimize your formulae through relevant advice considering industrial applications.

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