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A leader in custom
manufacturing and
speciality ingredients

Custom offer

SEQENS is a worldwide leader in custom chemistry for industry players, offering R&D, scale-up and manufacturing expertise for the development of your specialty chemicals.
  • Optimize your time to market
  • Benefit from a tailor-made approach
  • Access a broad range of technologies
  • Widen your manufacturing capabilities
  • Increase your process robustness and innovation
Key technologies

Seqens highly flexible technology platform adapts to your requirements and meets your needs. Our toolbox of chemistries and processes provides you with the best tailor-made solutions with high quality standards.

Key technologies
Industrial capabilities

SEQENS offers multistep synthesis from several grams to few metric tons scale based on our chemical expertise in organic synthesis. We operate on 4 plants in France and UK, Ecovadis Platinum certified).

Industrial Capabilities
R&D facilities

SEQENS teams closely collaborate with customers to address their needs and requirements, and to help tackling the challenges they face accross the development phases. Scientists and state-of-the-art lab equipment located in our R&D centers allow us to support customer innovation within contract research projects).

R&D Facilities

Specialty products

SEQENS offers catalogue products such as:
  • Lubricant additives
  • Corrosion protection additives
  • Solvents
  • Photoinitiators
  • Polar modifiers
CASE additives

Coalescing solvents, photoinitiators, polar modifiers, binders and rheology modifiers.

CASE additives
Lubricant and grease additives

Extreme Pressure and Antiwear additives, emulsifiers, pH booster and corrosion inhibitors.

Lubricant and grease additives
Metal protection

Calcium sulfonate corrosion protection additives.

Metal Protection
Phenol and specialties

Phenol & acetone.

Phenol and Specialties

In vitro diagnostic

Seqens IVD

Isopropanol, esters and more.

Textile additives

Cross-linking agent

Textile Additives

What makes us sustainable

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As a global player in pharmaceutical solutions and specialty ingredients, SEQENS is committed to making corporate social responsibility a priority.​



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