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Excellence Center


The centre of excellence for developing a totally unique package of R&D services.
Seqens’Lab offers a unique ecosystem, dedicated to our customers to accelerate their projects from discovery to production and sales. Discover our 34,000sqm science platform close to Paris!

As an R&D center that meets the highest standards, Seqens’Lab brings together the group’s key skills and expertise through :

  • Its medical synthesis laboratory
  • Its chemical process development laboratory
  • Its crystallization process development laboratory
  • Its cGMP Kilo-Lab
  • Its solid state analysis laboratory including polymorph screening
  • Its Analytical development laboratory
  • Its expertise in Process Safety
  • Its kinetic and thermodynamic simulation tools
  • Its batch production capacities for pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • Its Quality Control laboratory for clinical batch release and stability studies
  • All this in a cGMP quality environment.

With Seqens’Lab, we aim to also facilitate collaboration amongst our teams in a modern and appealing location, designed for carrying out our customers’ projects more effectively and efficiently. Three main principles make up its definition:


  • Create a dynamic ecosystem facilitating collaboration between Seqens teams, innovative SMEs and academic partners;
  • Gather in one place multidisciplinary teams with the skills needed to complete our customers’ projects;
  • Create an attractive and modern space, a reference point and a showcase for our customers.

Main characteristics


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty ingredients
  • Cosmetics

Multi purpose pilot plant GMP

Multi purpose pilot plant GMP
  • Reactors from 100 to 3,000 L
  • Reactors covering a wide temperature range: from -80 to 200 °c
  • Fully separated and controlled finishing areas
  • Compliance: ANSM certificate

2000M2 of Laboratory Space

2000M2 of Laboratory Space
  • 1 kilo-labs of 200 m²
  • 1,000 m² of pilot units
  • 12 m³ of reaction volume


  • 140 employees with a dedicated team for each area of expertise:
  • Clinical development phase of the API (early phase)
  • API development phase (late phase)
  • Synthesis intermediaries
  • Analytical development (purity and impurity profiling)
  • Solid State Characterization (structure elucidation, morphology and flow properties)
  • Analytical method validation (in a GMP context) and quality control

Key Services

Analytical development and quality control
  • Characterization of the API
  • Development of analytical methods
  • Validation of methods
  • GMP testing  
  • GMP clinical batch release of manufactured product
  • Product stability study according to ICH (International Harmonization Council)

Key Services

API’s development
  • R&D on chemical processes
  • Quality by Design Purification by crystallization
  • Process Safety
  • Design and characterization of the molecule in the solid state
  • Provision of development reports

Key Services

Manufacture of Pharmaceutical active ingredients
  • Batch scaling (up to 1 kg) for pre-clinical studies
  • Manufacture of GMP pilot batches (from 1 to 80 kg) for clinical studies
  • Provision of associated documentation

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