SEQENS antiwear additives are used to improve wear resistance and the friction coefficient of industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids. They are based on phosphorus chemistry and are effective under low‑load and low‑temperature conditions. Light‑colored, these additives are chlorine-, phenol- and sulfur free. They provide both antiwear and antioxidant functionality to lubricants and metalworking fluids.

Emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors play a crucial role in metalworking fluids, mainly for solubleand semi‑synthetic formulations. SEQENS additives have proven for a long time to be effective in emulsions, due to their high performances and their versatility. A well balanced and optimized formulation provides very stable emulsions and guarantees a high level of anticorrosion protection for a long service life.

  • Sodium sulfonate additives LOSMA®
  • Amine-based corrosion inhibitors LOSMA®
  • Packages LOSMA®

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SEQENS extreme pressure additives are sulfurized molecules that provide resistance to high loads and at times combined good antiwear performances. The percentage of sulfur varies from 10% to 34%, active or inactive. The viscosity and the solubility are dependent of the organic chains linked to sulfur. Sulfurized olefins, sulfurized fatty acid esters, synthetic esters and sulfurized natural triglycerides are solutions to improve lubricity and withstand friction, wear and welding.

They react with metal surface under heavy load, low and high temperatures and form a physical barrier that persists under extreme conditions, preventing metal to metal contact. Avoiding welding of surface asperities, extreme pressure additives improve surface finish and delay the onset of wear of machines’ tools.

SEQENS propose a wide range of additives and packages with customized features thanks to its different processes with sulfur, mercaptans or hydrogen sulfide. It enables formulation fine‑tuning for neat and soluble oils,greases and industrial lubricants.

  • Sulfurized olefins ROSCAN®
  • Dark-colored sulfurized esters ROSCAN®
  • Light-colored sulfurized esters (ROSCAN® ) & SULFAD®
  • Passive Extreme Pressure additives ARCOT®

Based on calcium carbonate sulfonate technology, SEQENS greases exhibit outstanding resistance to corrosion as well as excellent extreme pressure and antiwear properties, without any additives. Their thermal and mechanical stability are key advantages for special applications with extreme conditions including warm and very moist atmospheres. SEQENS products outperform other types of complex greases in many ways. Their performances can be enhanced with supplementary additives.


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SEQENS has developed a range of anticorrosion additives for short, medium and long-term protection.

Preventing water and oxygen contact, they provide an excellent barrier to air and moisture, delaying the onset of corrosion. Calcium sulfonates based, they are widely used in rust preventive oils, in industrial oils and in coating for long-lasting protection. They have very good water-displacing properties.

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