Vanillin and Aspirin exhibition in Saint-Fons


On Tuesday 26 March 2019, Seqens attended the opening of the exhibition “Vanillin and Aspirin” organised by the City Hall of Saint-Fons.

Seqens, a global player in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, is proud to be associated with the exhibition organized by the city of Saint-Fons around Vanillin and Aspirin.

The Exhibition

One of the most famous pharmaceutical products, the other a molecule found in natural vanilla, aspirin and vanillin have in common an industrial history based in Saint-Fons.

Following its therapeutic properties highlighted by Bayer (Germany), aspirin has become, along with vanillin, one of the two leading industrial products of Saint-Fons and Usines du Rhône thanks to the expertise of SCUR (Société Chimique des Usines du Rhône) technicians.

From Prosper Monnet, founder of SCUR, to the current situation of vanillin and aspirin production, this exhibition is an attempt to summarize the history and current situation of two widely exported and known products, around the same starting point: Saint-Fons, in the 1880s.

Practical information

From 18 march to 5 april 2019

Monday : 13h30-18h30 / Tuesday to Friday : 8h30-12h – 13h30-17h30

City Hall of Saint-Fons (1 place Roger Salengro)