Digitalization of Quality Control, a vector of performance at Seqens in Quebec

Products & Technologies

The Seqens site in Saint Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec, specializes in polymer manufacturing for the microelectronics markets. A visual management approach has been initiated to improve operations management.

LABPLUS : INFORMATION collection and communication in real time

With this in mind, LabPlus was deployed in the Quality Control laboratory, a key department which regulates both the launching of the fabrication batch (Quality control of the primary materials), the fabrication phases (cleaning confirmation, In Process Control), and the expeditions flow (final products batch release). Thus, LabPlus collects the information of the different laboratory analytic devices (GC, HPLC, ICPM, pH meter, etc.) and transcribes them under an only interface in real time.

« The different departments can then visualize the established priorities, the progress of Quality Control analyses (final products, primary materials, In Process) and can follow the batches release status » specifies Sébastien Taillemite, VP Seqens Advanced Specialties. « The managing of the dates (samples entry in the laboratory, the target expiry and real dates of batches release) is simplified and allow to efficiently measure the department performance. »

A real-time dashboard, visible by everyone and a nice inter-service communication simplification!