Seqens Mineral Specialties: Novafeed and Novafeed SA

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two proven buffer compounds to prevent from acidosis in dairy cows

SEQENS Mineral Specialties produces Novafeed which has several benefits for cattle:

  • Positive impact on feed consumption and milk production
  • Anti-acidosis effect
  • Optimal dietary electrolyte balance
  • Sodium intake

Novafeed can effectively replace sodium bicarbonate without changing the ration formulation. Novafeed SA, an aromatized grade of this product, is also available.

Two field assessments of Novafeed and Novafeed SA were performed in 2014 and 2015 by European ruminant nutrition experts. The aim was to compare the two products to standard sodium bicarbonate (Bicarbonate Feed) in terms of palatability, feed consumption and performance (milk production) with high-yielding dairy cows. The study found that the use of Novafeed and Novafeed SA in feed rations yielded results that were equal to or better than standard sodium bicarbonate.