Seqens is certified EcoVadis



To meet the Seqens objectives, the Group has decided to build a global CSR policy applicable to all its manufacturing sites. The implementation of this global policy notably involves the standardization of the CSR evaluation system of its different plants with the Ecovadis certification.

The EcoVadis certification is more and more requested and becomes a prerequisite to contract with our customers. Companies such as L’Oréal or GSK have established minimum Ecovadis rating values as a prerequisite to be part of their Supplier Panel. Similarly, we ask our suppliers to be more transparent which pushes each actor to improve their performance and promotes the implementation of a virtuous circle at all levels of the supply chain.


The EcoVadis evaluation method is based on 21 criteria divided into 4 themes:

  • Environment,
  • Social and Human Rights,
  • Ethics,
  • Responsible Purchasing

Each company answers a questionnaire adapted to its activity and the answers are evaluated by EcoVadis experts. The overall EcoVadis rating awarded reflects the quality of the company’s CSR management system at the time of the evaluation, which includes a 360° watch. At the end of this evaluation, each site receives :

  • a dashboard and a score per theme and overall (0-100) for the sector of activity concerned;
  • a medal according to the level obtained;
  • an analysis on all 21 criteria evaluated (strengths, areas for improvement) ;
  • a proposal for an improvement plan.


For the Seqens teams, this annual evaluation allows each of our sites :

  • to identify best practices
  • to highlight areas for improvement in the four themes mentioned above
  • standardize our practices
  • to improve internal and external communication, both to employees and externally, about the actions carried out and, in particular, to facilitate and streamline the management of CSR information requests from our customers, whose number is growing exponentially.

In 2019, our 22 operational entities were therefore evaluated by Ecovadis experts on the basis of their answers to questionnaires and a 360° watch adapted to each of our subsidiaries’ target sectors.

The results obtained are more than satisfactory for the 2019 financial year on the 22 operational sites of Seqens with :

  • 1 site with Platinum certification
  • 15 sites with Gold certification
  • 5 sites with Silver certification
  • 1 site with the Silver level (360 analysis in progress)

This initiative, which could not have been carried out without the commitment of a large number of contributors in each of our entities, and in particular Anaïs Fouquenet in charge of the project, contributes to :

  • Increase and secure Seqens internal and external image;
  • Improve the value of the Seqens group by using CSR as a lever for value development or differentiation.

You can find all the CSR rating obtained by our manufacturing sites by visiting our interactive map