Seqens’ employees mobilized for “l’Entreprise des Possibles”


Nearly fifty employees at the head office have mobilised and donated to the 2020 campaign of the Company of Possibilities.

WHAT IS “entreprise des possibles” ?

“L’Entreprise Des Possibles” is an association of companies in the Lyon metropolitan area. Its objectives are to promote the reintegration into society of people who no longer have a decent roof over their heads, or who, because of their great vulnerability, are at risk of ending up on the street.
Together with their employees, and in conjunction with associations, these companies are working to give the most disadvantaged people a roof over their heads and social support to enable them to rebuild their lives in a sustainable way.

How is this done ?

By pooling and redistributing human, financial and material resources to social and housing actors working to fight against extreme poverty.

For the association “l’Entreprises Des Possibles”, everyone can take action:

  • The employee, by donating volunteer time and/or by giving up paid vacations.
  • The company, by contributing to the commitment of its employees and/or by making available vacant premises for a limited period of time.