Decarbonization: SEQENS becomes a reference for the industry


As a global player in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, SEQENS is committed to making the fight against global warming one of its priorities.

A concrete reduction of gas emissions

Over the last decade, SEQENS has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30% across its industrial facilities at constant scope. This major achievement for our group is the result of ambitious, concrete and engaging action plans deployed in its 24 production sites around the world and is a benchmark in the industry over a long period of time,

To obtain such a result, SEQENS has focused its efforts on 3 axes:

Reducing the energy intensity

Reducing the energy intensity (energy consumption per unit of production) of all its manufacturing sites, thus getting closer to the benchmarks of our business sectors via:

  • Energy efficiency plans aiming at reducing energy losses and recycling lower energy heat flows, more specifically, at our ISO 50 001 sites;
  • Investments in innovative processes which efficiency enables the concerned sites to strongly limit their energy consumption, or even not consume so-called primary energy (new production units in Roussillon as an example).

The transition to low-carbon energy

The transition to low-carbon energy for our production units, by using renewable or recovered energy sources such as:

  • The use of biomass for thermal energy production;
  • Energy recovery on our industrial platforms;
  • The installation of photovoltaic panels to produce locally green electricity;
  • The electrification of some of our synthesis processes developed in our R&D centers where the use of low carbon electricity limits our consumption of fossil fuels.

The transformation of our activities

The transformation of our activities towards products with a lower carbon footprint and offering solutions to limit the environmental impact of our customers or support their energy transition (biocatalysts, solvent recycling, etc.).

Seqens Mineral Specialties plant is one of the site which has drastically reduced its carbon emissions in 10 years.
Seqens Mineral Specialties plant is one of the site which has drastically reduced its carbon emissions in 10 years.

Acting for a lower-carbon future

Despite the unprecedented health and economic crisis we are going through, SEQENS has decided on the one hand to maintain all the energy performance plans on its sites and on the other hand to accelerate its low carbon projects with the objective of further reducing its carbon intensity by up to 75% by 2025.

I would like to thank all of our operational teams but also our partners for their contribution to achieving this remarkable result, which is a benchmark in the industry.” said Pierre Luzeau, President and CEO of Seqens. He added, “With the support of its shareholders, SEQENS is accelerating its CSR program with the objective of the rapid and sustainable development of its innovative, clean and job-creating activities in our territories

Pierre Luzeau