Our Innovation & Scientific Communication Manager, Aïna Queiroz was at the 25th IFSCC Conference


The 25th IFSCC Conference took place between the 30th September and the 2 October in Milan. This event gathers scientists specialised in Cosmetic Science. This year Aïna Queiroz our Innovation and scientific communication manager presented 2 different topics about the Glyco-intelligence and the Zoopharmacognosy.

Glyco-intelligence:  From glycan signature deciphering to self-image perception enhancement

This double-dimensional study on giant exopolysaccharides:

  • An active dimension: identification of 3D motifs present at the core of these macro-structures
  • An emotional dimension: significant improvement of self-perception of volunteers


During the poster presentation, the visitors were able to visualize using augmented reality certain sugar-lectin skin interactions via an application based on the UnityMol molecular visualization software developed by teams from the CNRS Institute of Physico-chemical Biology.

Etho-phytology™ & primate self-medication observations:  Towards a new phytomolecule discovery model

Presentation of our new discovery model based on the observation of animal self-medication behaviours through the use of plants.