New: Vitamin E-TPGS

Products & Technologies

Uetikon produces Vitamin E TPGS, (D alpha tocopheryl Polytethylene Glycol 1000 Succinate)

Vitamin E-TPGS produced in the GMP – FDA audited facility of UETIKON, based in Lahr (Germany), is a surfactant which can be used as an emulsifier, drug solubilizer, absorption enhancer and as a vehicle for lipid based drug delivery formulations.
The pharmaceutical companies first used Vitamin E-TPGS in ORAL dosage forms but new delivery applications have been developed as:

  • Parental delivery
  • Topical Delivery: Derma, Nasal, Pulmonary

You can now get your TPGS from a validated process of a reliable German supplier, meeting the most stringent needs of the pharmaceutical and the Nutraceutical Industry. Our capacity of is multi 10th of tons/year.

Think UETIKON Vitamine E TPGS to enhance the bioavalability of the poorly water-soluble drugs.