European leader of the paracetamol chain, Seqens welcomes the Consul General of France of Shanghai in China on its site in Wuxi

Press release

Seqens welcomes the Consul General of France of Shanghai in China on its site in Wuxi

This Monday, June 15, 2020, the Seqens teams of Taixing and Wuxi sites had the great honor to welcome Mr. Benoît Guidée, Consul General of France in Shanghai, Mr. Xue Feng, Wuxi Huishan district commercial bureau deputy director, and Mr. Chen Xie, Wuxi Luoshe deputy mayer.

The Chinese and French authorities wished to recognize the exceptional mobilization of Seqens teams to guarantee throughout the coronavirus crisis the production of paracetamol for the European market and para-aminophenol for other paracetamol producers, particularly in China.

Despite the coronavirus crisis that has affected China and then Europe since January, the Seqens sites in Taixing and Wuxi have managed to increase their production in order to meet the very strong worldwide demand for this active pharmaceutical ingredient, which is absolutely essential for our fellow citizens.

Mr. Benoît Guidée wished to thank the Seqens Group teams for their commitment and the Chinese authorities for their support in maintaining and developing these essential activities.

Mr. Zhaoming Zhou, the Vice-President of Yangzi in Taixing indicated that “We would like to thank Mr. Consul General of France for honouring us with his visit to one of our sites. In these times of crisis, the Seqens Group and its Chinese companies have been able to mobilize to meet exceptional demand and provide our customers, particularly French and Chinese, with a flawless service. A beautiful illustration of Franco-Chinese friendship.”

Mr. Samuel Wang, the General Manager of the Wuxi site confirmed: “Throughout the crisis, we have had to review our organizations to increase our production and ensure continuity of supply to our customers. We are collectively proud to have been present.”

Since the beginning of the health crisis, all over the world, Seqens Group teams have been mobilizing to ensure the security of supply of essential active pharmaceutical ingredients and specialty ingredients and wish to thank the representatives of local authorities around the world for their long-term support.