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KELICO® 1460

KELICO® 1460 is a base for grease formulations. KELICO® 1460 is dedicated to low and medium load operating conditions. It can withstand heavy loads with additional additives.

KELICO® M 2463

KELICO® M 2463 is a base for greases with anti-corrosion and high extreme pressure performances, good thermal resistance and with outstanding water tolerance properties.

KELICO® 2460

KELICO® 2460 is a base for grease formulations. It is providing a high polar adhesion to metals and has a high hydrophobic character.

KELICO® 2680

KELICO® 2680 is a very soft grease with anticorrosion and high EP performances, good thermal resistance and water tolerance.

KELICO® 3460

KELICO® 3460 is recommended for multipurpose applications. It can withstand heavy loads with additional additives.

KELICO® V 0046

KELICO® V 0046 is an overbased complex calcium sulfonate biodegradable base for environmentally acceptable greases’ formulations.

KELICO® V 2046

KELICO® V 2046 is recommended for NLGI 2 biodegradable greases used for open gears lubrication in case of water contamination.

KELICO® V 2150

KELICO® V 2150 is a suitable based for multipurpose biodegradable greases used in the lubrification of bearings with medium speed and loads.

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Surface: 120, 000 m²

Capabilities: 190 m³ of ISO 9001 reactors and kilo-lab

Flagship technologies: Most standard organic synthesis reactions (large volumes)

Certifications: ISO 9001

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