The one-step process from SEQENS

Over the years SEQENS Advanced Specialties acquired a strong expertise in “one-step” carbonatation process and propose a unique range of overbased calcium sulfonate greases.

During the “one-step process”, all ingredients are mixed together, sulfonic acid, base oil (vegetable, synthetic or mineral based) and lime. The finished greases are a complex mixture of calcium sulfonate, calcium carbonate under calcite form and a 100 % chosen carrier.

With that single step process, it becomes feasible to produce overbased calcium sulfonate without mineral oil-based precursors.

Unique biodegradable greases technology

SEQENS Advanced Specialties strengthens their support to the Lubricants industry by launching their KELICO V range of biodegradable greases.

KELICO V products enable the lubricants’ manufacturers to formulate environmentally acceptable lubricants with exceptional performances.

EAL are bio lubricants that are “biodegradable”, “minimally toxic” and are “not bioaccumulative”. Let’s have a look at KELICO V products.

According to numerous industry standards, KELICO V ester-based overbased calcium sulfonate greases are defined as biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative and non-toxic to aquatic species which makes them suitable candidates for applications where EALs are required.

KELICO V overbased calcium sulfonate greases are premium greases for high load and high temperature applications, suitable for extreme environment and particularly adapted for marine applications thanks to their resistance to water and their intrinsic anticorrosion performances.

The KELICOⓇ V range

The KELICO V range is composed of 3 products:

In conclusion, SEQENS opens the way to new opportunities for lubricants’ manufacturers. Being able to choose 100% of the overbased calcium sulfonate greases carriers with SEQENS one-step process leads to fully customisable greases and open a wide range of possibilities in term of performances optimisation, new applications as well as health, safety and environment considerations.