Read below to find out more about the cosmetics ingredients available from Seqens Custom Specialties and Seqens Advanced Specialties.

Our cosmetics ingredients

From Advanced Specialties

SEQENS Advanced Specialties offers a range of cosmetics ingredients with the highest quality standards. Our teams develop multi-step syntheses of complex molecules for the custom manufacturing of:

  • Ingredients and intermediates, in solid or liquid form
  • Active ingredients (moisturizers, anti-aging, anti-microbial, anti-oily skin, UV filters …)
  • Functional ingredients (preservatives, emollients, texturizers …)
  • Fragrances

However, there is no limit in the properties we are able to provide to our customers. Learn more about Seqens Advanced Specialties custom manufacturing.

From Custom Specialties

Discover our functional ingredients proposed in our ChemoxyCare range.