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VICURE 25 is a white crystalline solid used as a copolymerisable photoinitiator.

VICURE 25 is an efficient UV radical photoinitiator for polymerization and crosslinking of mono- and multi-functional unsaturated monomers.

VICURE 25 is a photoinitiators having a copolymerizable double bond with enhanced radical stability, improved and better compatibility in the formulation. It also has a high molecular weight, low volatility and reduced odor compared to benzoin alkyl ethers photoinitiators.

VICURE 25 is widely used for (meth)acrylate polymerization and can also be used for UV curable inks.

SEQENS Advanced Specialties is the only source of VICURE 25 in Europe.


VICURE 55 is a clear liquid used as a photoinitiator with an absorption maximum at 244nm for UV curable coatings and inks. After exposure to UV light, as a type II photoinitiator, VICURE 55 undergoes a photochemical reaction which forms free radicals.

VICURE 55 is an efficient photoinitiator used to initiate radical polymerization of unsaturated oligomers such as acrylates, methacrylates, vinyls and unsaturated polyesters through the unsaturated groups present in the methyl benzoylformate system.

VICURE 55 can be used alone or in combination with other photoinitiatiors in formulations.

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