Seqens offers an extended range of additives and packages which have been developed to suit the needs of metalworking applications. With an ever-expanding global footprint and a flexible supply chain, we enable our clients to adapt to brand new challenges.

High performance additives and packages to foster your product innovation and performance

Redesign your formulae with our performance additives

Seqens offers an extensive range of lubricant additives for metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants. Our product portfolio encompasses extreme pressure, anti-wear additives, corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers.

We also manufacture ready-to-use packages which feature beneficial additive synergies identified through DoE approach (Design of Experiments). Our customers hence increase the performance of their formulated products while reducing the number of listed raw materials.

Find your solution in our proprietary portfolio

Formulate low-odor fluids thanks to our SULFAD® light-colored sulfurized extreme pressure additives.

Adjust fluid performances to industrial applications severity with ROSCAN® phosphorous-based anti-wear additives and dark-colored sulfurized extreme pressure additives.

Select LOSMA® corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers, crucial components to formulate complex metalworking fluids.

Benefit from our 55 years of production experience

The flexibility of Seqens plants enables to offer comprehensive solutions thanks to low- or high- production batch size, adjustable process parameters, customized packaging and labelling and worldwide logistics.

Along with flexibility, Seqens emphasizes quality. Our quality-control and quality-assurance teams rely on cutting edge laboratory equipment and well defined procedures to comply with the highest quality standards. Committing to multiple certifications and labels – e.g. ISO 9001, HALAL, KOSHER – we ensure customer satisfaction and we enforce continuous improvement philosophy on the way to longstanding excellence.