Seqens is a specialist in the production of calcium sulfonate. We developed a wide range of anticorrosion additives for temporary to long-term metal protection.

High performance additives and packages to foster your product innovation and performance

Choose our unique solutions and improve your product performance

Seqens offers a unique range of corrosion & rust prevention additives based on calcium sulfonates chemistry. Thanks to our deep production experience, we are able to manufacture products with extensive combination of features to best fit customer needs.

The flexibility of Seqens plants enables to offer comprehensive solutions thanks to low- or high- production batch size, adjustable process parameters, customized packaging and labelling and worldwide logistics. Along with flexibility, Seqens emphasizes quality. Our quality-control and quality-assurance teams rely on cutting edge laboratory equipment and well defined procedures to comply with the highest quality standards.

Find your solution in our proprietary portfolio

Withstand your short- and long-term protection issues during storage, transportation and in final-use thanks to ARCOT® neutral and overbased calcium sulfonates.

We also manufacture ready-to-use packages which feature beneficial additive synergies identified through DoE approach (Design of Experiments). Our customers hence increase the performance of their formulated products while reducing the number of listed raw materials.

Benefit from our R&D support to fine-tune formulations

Relying on our centralized R&D center, we boost our clients’ custom developments. Our know-how gives our customers the opportunity to formulate innovative products matching market needs. We successfully address the challenges of our industry thanks to our dedicated facilities, our highly qualified employees, and our newest technologies.

Our dedicated R&D team has gained a renowned expertise in the formulation of calcium sulfonates in different carriers, while years of successful developments deepen our application-oriented knowledge. We are able to help you optimize your formulae through relevant advice considering industrial applications.

Christelle Ferragut from Seqens