Custom complex molecules and polymers

Custom complex molecules and polymers produced under advanced low metal conditions for front-end to back-end photolithography applications

Seqens is a global leader in the manufacturing of advanced specialty chemicals and polymers for semiconductor lithography. Acknowledged for both our reliability and expertise, we excel in delivering photoresist materials at top-notch purity level and very low metals content.

Bringing lab innovations to industrial production

Seqens has more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing specialty chemicals for electronics. It underlines Seqens expertise in addressing chemical synthesis and production challenges, directly benefiting from PCAS and Saint-Jean Photochemicals history. Thanks to seasoned scientists and state-of-the-art lab equipment, we are able to support development of microelectronic materials, used in both patterning and packaging processes.

Seqens teams closely collaborate with customers so as to fully understand their requirements and major hurdles all along the projects. Operating kilo-lab, pilot, and industrial production facilities, Seqens definitely is a key partner for scale-up support. We are able to conduct a wide range of chemical syntheses including cryogenic processes. Adapting to a large variety of needs, we also offer custom manufacturing services as well as purification services aiming at down-to-ppt low metals content.

Addressing semiconductor technology challenges

Seqens operates at the industry pace, helping its clients to develop products for a broad range of technologies. From established g-line and i-line patterning to nascent EUV lithography, we are able to offer an extensive range of polymers and complex molecules.

Seqens synthetizes DNQ-Novolac polymers as well as alternative polymers integrating complex phenolic compounds, such as cresols and xylenols for g-line and i-line applications. In the field of KrF (248nm) and ArF (193 nm) technologies, we manufacture polymers including common hydroxy-styrene-based polymers, as well as acrylic co-polymers including alicyclic groups (e.g. adamantane, norbornane, tricyclodecane). We can help you design and manufacture advanced chemicals for the latest techniques: extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photolithography, e-beam lithography, directed self-assembly (DSA), and nanoimprint lithography (NIL).

Seqens custom manufactures components for anti-reflective coatings (ARC) – e.g. silicon-based BARC (Si-BARC) – underlayers, hardmasks and topcats. We provide polyimides and polysiloxanes observing very tight specifications for interconnect & packaging applications.

Committing to the highest quality standard

Seqens top-notch quality is its signature. We engage for results in both high purity level and down-to-ppt low metals process and we are proud to be acknowledged as one of the best-in-class advanced specialties manufacturer for microelectronics. As a result of our quality management and advanced processes, we tightly control molecular weight distribution. We adjust solvent formulation, viscosity and solid content to the most stringent specifications. We also limit cresol content to comply with emerging HSEQ regulations.

In order to ensure excellence in this field: our ISO 9001 quality system includes in-control quality monitoring; we endorse stringent quality control and assurance of raw materials and final products quality control; we implement customer-oriented statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC). Seqens hold to lean manufacturing and root cause analysis mindset so as to assure reproducibility and reliability of our processes.

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Business Line Electronics
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Surface: 15, 500 m²

Lab surface: 200 m²

Flagship technologies: 

  • Monomers and polymers Heterocycles
  • Polyphenol and azo dyes (with a low metal content)
  • Photo-active compounds (PAC) / photo-active generators (PAG)
  • Cyanine-based dyes
  • NOVOLAK and phenolic resins
  • Silicon chemistry (polysiloxane)
  • Anthracene derivatives (microelectronic grade)

Last inspections: ISO 9001 February 2019


  • ISO 9001
  • C-TPAT
  • Responsible Care

Number of scientists: 8

Andréanne Bolduc from Seqens