Seqens is an acknowledged expert in distillation technology, combining versatile reactors with excellent distillation capabilities. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility of a smaller company, but with the robust quality standards and health and safety procedures of a large corporation.

A preferred toll manufacturing partner offering reliable services

Over 100 years of distillation expertise

Seqens people are experts in distillation technology, with the ability to produce high-purity products, on both a small scale (20 MT) and a large scale (1000 MT or more). We will quickly assess any enquiries for distillation and we particularly welcome projects with difficult to separate materials

If your process requires both distillation and reaction, Seqens’ expertise in coupling reaction and distillation can provide the most economical process for your product. Our experts can help you determine which technology is right for you. Improved efficiency, lower costs and fewer by-products are some of the competitive edges we bring to our clients.

Custom processing as a core activity

With the versatility of our units, we are ideally placed to offer you the right option from start up, through rapid growth, to mature quantities by our ability to flex the capacity we can make available to your product.

We have a very experienced technical team and an excellent track record of finding innovative solutions to difficult distillation challenges. Seqens is chosen as the preferred toll manufacturing partner for many international companies who see us as a reliable extension of their own product facilities.

Highly successful track record

Our “preferred partner” status is based on delivering a global service that provides:

  • Strict adherence to client confidentiality
  • Highly experienced, multi-functional team, delivering fast and responsive service
  • Commitment to upholding the highest health, safety and environmental standards
  • Open and constructive rapport with clients
  • Focus on quality, continuous improvement and process development
  • Rapid decision making and preparedness to invest