Digitalization of maintenance operations at Seqens SPS


In the continuity of its optimization programs of its operations, Seqens Solvents and Phenol Specialties improved, this summer, the monitoring of its maintenance work thanks to a brand new digital platform!

In partnership with the company Asymptote, all technical operations of this major production site of Phenol has been piloted on the e-Care application. The complete digitization of the recipe tables allowed a close follow-up of the progress of the operations for a given work order thanks to its operation on both tablets and pcs.

“This global vision via the digital platform allows a better coordination of all production, maintenance, QHSE and external companies”, says Willy Lemesle, Director Seqens SPS Roussillon. “This further improves the safety of interventions on the Seqens sites (provisioning, fluid, electrical, instrumental and platinum plating logging) and a better control of the sequence of maintenance and inspection operations on a given piece of equipment, because from now on the validation of each step can be done directly in the field thanks to the connected tablets. »

A major digital support for the Seqens teams committed to ever more rigor and coordination of activities, while maintaining the necessary reactivity on one of the largest chemical platforms in France, and a further step towards zero paper …

Illustration: specific views for the fluid logging part and specific views for maintenance operations.