Digitalisation of Seqens CDMO’s operations planning


Seqens invests in its information system to support industrial operations, for better maintenance management, for optimizing product quality controls and for improving delivery forecasts, with a view to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Visual Capacity Management

“As market demand is increasing, optimizing the use of our industrial units has become a priority to guarantee the right level of service to our customers” explains Valérie Stoeckel, CDMO S&OP and Supply Chain Director. ” Our molecules manufacturing needs many long steps in multiple facilities and may involve several sites of the group depending on their know-how. Production planning is therefore a major issue and we have decided to develop a support tool called Visual Capacity Management (VCM) with Applidev company support. We need a simple and flexible tool that can consider the complexity of our production.

The Seqens teams decided to digitalize the entire process: the customer relationship with Salesforce CRM (Customer Relation Management), the customer market needs with Future Master which feeds the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), the result of the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) then feeds VCM via specific interfaces for visual planning by the site planners considering the constraints (production or other). The production plan can then be transferred to the ERP via specific interfaces.

“We have great expectations for this VCM tool, which reflects the method that reign at Seqens: pragmatism, innovation, small steps and vision.” Bertrand Teissier, Seqens CDMO Business Partner, continues. “Business and IT enrich each other throughout the development of the tool. Already a lot of progress has been made for the teams in the field, but we can clearly feel the potential that next versions will still be able to bring…”