Biotage® Flash 150


The Biotage® Flash 150 system supports batch purification of 100 s’ of grams of material up to 80% faster than traditional glass columns. Flash 150 is a simple, robust and reliable system, containing everything needed for large or industrial scale separations.

Reliable Scale-up – Faster

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Biotage® Flash 150 systems safely operate at 100 psi enabling fast flow rates and the use of high viscosity solvents. Our proven, patented radial compression technology ensures near zero “wall effects” and channelling inside each column. This maintains the bed’s stability, rendering cleaner, purer fractions in less time and higher overall product yield. Routinely operating at a flow rate of up to 1L/min, these purification systems allow you to quickly scale-up and complete runs, saving hours or even days of purification time.

80% Time Saving

In a comparison between a Flash 150M cartridge (150 mm x 300 mm) and a 120 mm x 660 mm traditional glass column, fractions were collected in 7.2 hours using the glass column, while the Flash 150M cartridge required just 90 minutes. Additionally, the recovery ratio of product from the Flash 150M system was 4 times that of the glass column. This resulted in a plant saving nearly 4 weeks of development time.

Biotage FLASH 400™ Production-Scale System

The FLASH 400 is a complete skid-mounted system designed for large-scale flash chromatography and adsorption purification. The FLASH 400 uses prepacked cartridges and radial compression for performance and reliability. Built with industrial-grade components that are appropriate for operations under FDA regulations and cGMP standards, the FLASH 400 is rapidly becoming the first choice of pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing companies around the world for critical purification applications.